Cambridge, Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing any type of criminal charge is stressful and oftentimes, those who are arrested are unaware of the severity of the charges they’re facing. Regardless of how minor the charges are, you need to get help from a criminal defense attorney to provide you with a strong defense. Some of the charges you may need an attorney for include:

  • Drug crimes – the Commonwealth of Massachusetts drug laws can be very confusing. Whether you’re facing charges of possession, distribution or manufacturing, you need an attorney to review your case and help you determine a valid defense and will ensure you understand the potential penalties you’re facing.
  • Shoplifting and other theft crimes – petty theft charges can result in a life-long criminal record. If you’re facing any type of theft charges you could be jeopardizing your job; particularly if you work in any sector that requires you to handle other’s money.
  • OUI defense – if you’re facing charges of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol you need to have a criminal defense attorney who will fight aggressively on your behalf.
  • Assault and battery charges – these charges must be dealt with aggressively because in many cases, they involve domestic violence. A domestic violence charge could also result in investigations being launched by the Department of Families and Children (DCF). Remember, if a child is present in cases of domestic violence, the police are often required to make a report with DCF. This means you need an attorney who can handle the criminal charges and help deal with investigators and social workers from DCF.
  • Motor vehicle offenses – when you’re facing charges of leaving the scene of an accident, operating to endanger (or reckless driving) or driving on a suspended license, you need an attorney who will review the charges and help you determine your options.

No matter what kind of charge you’re facing, you should speak with an attorney as soon after your arrest as possible. Any statements you make to law enforcement prior to speaking with a criminal defense attorney may be used against you later in court. Your rights don’t stop just because you’ve been arrested.  If you’ve been arrested, have been told you’re being investigated or you’ve been served with a notice to appear in court, contact Attorney Jamison M. House at 617-216-2094 immediately. Remember, the sooner you have an attorney involved, the easier it may be to get a positive outcome.